Magnic Light Webshop

  • Light Sets

    Here you find different Magnic light sets:

    • Front Light
    • Rear Light
    • Basic Set (Front- & rearlight
    • Classic Set (2 Frontlights+ 1 rearlight)
    • Quattro Set (2 Frontlights+ 2 rearlights)
  • Adapters

    Here you find different Magnic Light Adapters:

    • Vbrake
    • Roadbike Brakearm/ Fork
    • Clamp adapter for disc brakes
    • Magura
  • Magnic Microlights

    Here you find different Magnic Microlight Sets:
    The first brake shoes with integrated dynamo bicycle lights.

    • Frontlight single/set
    • Rearlight single /set
    • Complete Set (Frontlights+ Rearlights)
  • Wega

    Here you find different Wega Sets:
    Wega is the universal variant of Magnic Microlights for disc brake bicycles (and many others)

    • Frontlight
    • Rearlight
    • Complete Set (Frontlight+ Rearlight)
  • Add-ons

    Here you find additional articles and replacement material:

    • Anti theft adapters
    • Protectivestickers
    • Tools and screws


  • Team Edition

    Magnic Light Team Edition Clothing

    • High Quality Lycra Jersey
    • High Quality Cycling Shorts with Cytech chamois
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