Security adapters +1 x + Tool

Extra screw

1 Security adapter + 1 tool (for small and large custom security screws).

This adapter made of fiber reinforced polyamide connects the aluminum-adapters that are attached to the fork/frame and the light unit securely (only detachable with custom Magnic Light tool).

An anti theft security screw with custom Magnic Light head is included. A tool for the security screw is included (one tool is sufficient for different adapters).

Additional security screw  used for anti theft protection of main adapters can be ordered optionally:

  • Roadbike rear wheel adapter: M5x14 or M6x14 (please check your brakes)
  • Roadbike front adapter (fork mount): M5x14 (A screw for connection of metal and plastic part- see manual)
  • VBrake: M6x24



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