• From CAD-model to the final product

  • CAD construction with sintered sample

  • 3D print for coil winding machine.

  • Prototype material made by laser sinter technology.

  • Mill cutting tool for injection molding

  • Generator kernels fresh from injection molding.

  • Lens design

  • Finished lenses

  • Magnic Light Housing.

  • Magnet ring before coil winding

    Magentring im Gehäuse (Halbschale) vor der Spulenwicklung
  • Coil winding on 3D printed coil winding machine.

    Unsere Generatoren werden in eigens von uns produzierten Wickelmaschinen mit Kupferdraht gewickelt. Um maximale Leistug zu erreichen wird extreme Genauigkeit benötigt, die wir mittels speziell auf unsere Generatorelemente angepasste Wicklung erreichen.
  • Coil winding - controlled by stepper motors.

  • Generator nach Spulenwicklung

    Generator after coil winding.
  • PCB Assembly - Part 1

  • PCB Assembly- Part 2

  • Baking PCBs

  • Completely assembled PCB boards

  • Programming Magnic Light Software

  • Light Check

  • Ready for shipment

  • Finished mold.


Design, technical development, design, construction & 3D prototype printing and patenting, marketing & administration takes place in our office in Borgholzhausen.

The electronics assembly and final assembly of Magnic Lights is done by our partner VTS-Elektronik in Fürstenau.


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