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WEGA for disc brake bicycles


The MAGNIC NIGHT BIKE: Magnic Microlights + phosphorescent wheels

magnic Night Bike

Magnic Microlight Technology with special effects – In addition to our contactless dynamo lights we offer the Magnic Night Bike: A stylish bike with Magnic Microlights and phosphorescent wheels for the Best Side Visibility you can get. It is the world's first dynamo powered bicycle with "Glow in the Dark" wheels. You can preorder it here on Indiegogo.
Below you see the MAGNIC NIGHT BIKE part of our product video and a short video demonstrating the disc brake version Wega

  • Universal concept

    Our rim dynamo lights work for every bike. For the classic Magnic Lights we offer adapters for all bicycle types and for Magnic Microlights we offer the clamp version "Wega" in case your bike has neither caliper nor Vrbake/Cantilever brakes.

  • Sustainability

    No batteries are used and you can exchange the classic Magnic Lights with a simple clilck adapter between different bicycles quickly. For the Magnic Microlights worn brake pads can be exchanged , so the concept of this product is a bike-lifetime product- and even more...

  • Warranty

    For all our products we have 2 year REAL WARRANTY. Due to the small failure rate we could even fulfill 3 year warranty for backers of our Crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Safety

    Without lighting, cyclists risk their lives in the dark - but those on the road with battery lights will soon be left in the dark when the journey takes too long or the batteries are no longer full. Magnic (Micro)-lights can't be turned off at daylight: With lights on your visibilty increases significantly which means a great deal of safety.

  • Anti-Theft concept

    For all models we have our custom security screws to prevent theft..

  • German Traffic Regulations

    It took us years to get heard by German Government: In 2018 we could contribute to the design of a new traffic rule which takes into consideration the Magnic Light technolgy. In the last weeks of 2018 this new law will be presented to the German ministry of transport and hopefully pass the Bundestag


The contactless dynamo

The core part is the world’s smallest contact and frictionless bicycle dynamo, that is integrated together with the electronic and the lighting system in the brake shoe of a calliper brake or Vbrake. The worldwide patented technic developed by the German company Magnic Innovations is based on a eddy current induction: a magnetic wheel in a generator separated from the bicycle rim by a narrow air gap induces temporary magnetic fields even in non-magnetic aluminium bicycle rims when the bicycle rim is moving. This leads to the magnetic wheel rotating contactlessly as if by magic.

Eddy Current Induction

The key is so-called eddy current technology : Energy is drawn from the rotating bicycle wheels without any physical contact, and thus without friction. Instead, eddy currents created by strong magnets generate electricity to power the lights: When the wheel spins, magnets inside the generator induce eddy currents with corresponding magnetic fields in the wheel, which in turn interact with the magnets in the generator. The resulting electricity will power your lights indefinitely without any environmentally harmful batteries or cumbersome cables.

Brake Shoe Integration

Neither batteries nor external cables, further fittings or spoke-magnets are necessary. Solely the brake shoes are to be exchanged for microlight - brake shoes, so that the maintenance only involves the exchange of worn brake pads after thousands of kilometres. Over time, brake pads become thinner - for this we have integrated a special mechanism that keeps the distance from the generator to the rim constant and prevents grinding. The included brake pads are compatible with other standard brake pads of other manufacturers as available in every cycle shop.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Magnic Microlights: BikeLights with Magic contactless Energy

For the production of Magnic Microlights we have started a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. You can select between different rewards and preorder without risk.

  • You get a unique product - no such product is available elsewhere
  • We can offer cheaper prices because no dealers are in between
  • You can send feedback and have influence on product details
  • We can reach a wide audience worldwide- which is necessary for a competitive product
  • You get your product sooner - approximately one year before availlability in shops
  • We can concentrate on production and make a better product
  • You support fair business

Main features of Magnic Lights & Magnic Microlights

  • Non Contact : You don't feel or hear them
  • No batteries - Neverending power
  • Strong enough to enlight the road ahead
  • Easy To Install
  • Cool "invisible" design: Compact size without adapters
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Works with all bicycle models - WEGA for disc brakes

Magnic Light Team

team icon-p

Dirk Strothmann

Inventor, Developer, Director

team icon-p

Antje Strothmann

Photography & Logistic


Jörn Strothmann

DEVELOPER´(Electronic & Mechanics)

  • Indie- gogo

    Magnic Microlights

    • Enlight the road in front of you!
    • No adapters: Integrated in Brake Shoe
    • Endless contactless light
    • Adjustable towards the road
    • Excellent Brake Light function
  • Indie- gogo

    Magnic Night Bike

    from399 €
    • Stylish Bike with "Glow in the dark" wheels enlighted by Magnic Microlights
    • 2x Magnic Microlight- Front + 2x Magnic Microlught Rear
    • High Quality Chromoly frame
    • High Quality double joint rim brakes
  • Classic Magnic Light

    Directly Available!
    from44 €
    • Legendary: The world's first contactless rim dynamo
    • Proven Quality: More than 17.000 lights sold
    • High-Tech Electronic: Microntroller -controlled functions
    • MultiUse -Click-Mechanism: Switch in seconds between different bikes
    • Universal: Adapters for any bicycle available
    • Life is today: Ships within 2 days


Magnic Innovations GmbH & Co KG, Lohkamp 5, 33829 Borgholzhausen