Dynamo lamps without wheel contact

"magic" generator
without rim contact

with patented
eddy current

works without extras
on the rims!

Suitable for all types of bicycles

Microlights for rim brakes

Wega for disc brake & more

Permanently maintenance-free ready for use

For hardest conditions

Easy and quick to assemble

Exchange brake pads....


Easy Cycling

Magnic Microlights & Wega

The only non-contact dynamo lamps with STVZO approval

Magically easy cycling - even when it's getting dark 

No rim contact - no noticeable deceleration - works without additional magnets on all aluminum wheels
Quickly mounted once - always well lit
Smallest & lightest (31 g) battery-free STVZO bike light
Patented, TÜV (Rheinland)-tested and award-winning technology from Germany
suitable for every bike

Magnic Microlights (and Wega for bikes without rim brakes) are the first contactless bicycle lights with patented CET technology (Contactless Energy Transfer) and STVZO approval: Without contact with the aluminum rim and without any additional components on the bike, the integrated LED lighting unit lights up like magic. Annoying battery or rechargeable battery changes as well as stiff, squeaking dynamos with complex wiring are a thing of the past with this completely encapsulated technology that the cyclist does not notice.

For wheels with rim brakes

Magnic Microlights

Brake pads with integrated generator and headlight/rear light. Simply replace the old brake pads and drive off with a new light. Worn brake pads can be exchanged for standard brake pads as usual. Magnic Microlights are suitable for city bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, children's bikes, ...

For bikes with disc brakes (and all other bikes)


Generator and headlight/rear light are connected via a spiral cable and can be easily attached to any fork and frame with a flexible plastic strap. Wega generators can be perfectly adjusted to straight or sloping rims of any design via two ball joints.

Magnic Light technology

What are the advantages of Magnic LiGHT?

Magic Light technology combines the topics of safety, comfort, technology and the environment in one lamp - practically unnoticed with minimal weight and even suitable for racing.
Light on the road means safety: With Magnic Light technology you can be sure that the light will not go out on the road.
In addition to the practical use, the fascinating, "magical" technology alone exerts great fascination. As a "magic trick", the function can also be demonstrated on aluminum frames or aluminum objects.
Cycling with Magic Light technology is different. You will notice this at the latest when it gets dark: The certainty that you are always well lit without having to do anything for it means a convenience that a battery lamp cannot provide.
With more safety and comfort, the lamps promote the most environmentally friendly means of transport - and without any battery waste or weakening batteries.

Microlights & Wega in action

Always on the bike - no more trouble with the lights

Most read articles

  • FAQ

    FAQ list - is being expanded...

  • Eddy current

    In the generator there is an alternating pole magnet wheel that is mounted close to the bicycle rim without touching it. The bicycle rim is usually made of aluminum and is therefore not magnetic but conductive. When the rim rotates, the magnetic fields of the magnet wheel generate a current flow inside the rim, the so-called eddy current. 

  • Wega Manual

    Professional installation and adjustment in accordance with STVZO regulations must be carried out using the detailed instructions and all the information contained therein must be applied.

  • Magnets

    The Magnic Light technology can be efficiently implemented thanks to extremely strong neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnets used have an energy density of 52MGOe (magnetization N52).

  • Microlight Manual

    Professional installation and adjustment in accordance with STVZO regulations must be carried out using the detailed instructions and all the information contained therein must be applied.

feedback from our customers

What our customers say about the new lamps

I received my pair of Wega lamps a few months ago and I have to say I absolutely love them! I've supported many campaigns - this is by far the most innovative and I have the feeling that I really supported a product development and not some marketing geek who sells cheap Chinese goods as the latest hype. And the most important thing: the product keeps what was promised. There is real know-how and engineering skill here. Dear Dirk, don't let it get you down. That you even managed to deliver products under these circumstances (Covid, family matters, disrupted supply chains, German bureaucracy, now inflation) is an outstanding achievement. Your perseverance deserves the highest recognition and I wish you all the best! This product deserves to be a commercial success. Dear co-backers, be patient and don't forget that behind this campaign are real, ordinary people who had the courage to try something new. We should be thankful for that. For my part I will be ordering a second pair of Wegas for the right side of my bike. -a happy customer

The Wega-Lights set arrived before the holidays. So far I'm very satisfied, rear light with decent brightness, parking light function and very cool light image. The one-sided front light is certainly a bit dim for the new moon night over country lanes, but it is sufficient as everyday light for urban areas. When the time comes, I will order a second front light for the other side and then fine-tune all the distances again. Thank you for your perseverance over all obstacles! I do not regret having repeatedly supported the development of this fascinating technique. I'm curious where the development will go. Continued success in completing the brake shoe microlights!
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