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Security adapters +1 x + Tool

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Magnic Light Front light with protector box.
Each lamp is equipped with standlight and brake light which is controlled by a Microcontroller. Each light can be switched between 4 different modes. 
The Magnic Light housing is made of impact- abrasion- & scratch-resistant polyamide with fiberglass. 

2 protective stickers from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) are included per light.

Please select the appropriate adapter system for your bike:  

  • Included: For each adapter a click adapter for fast mounting and detaching lights is included.
  • Optional: Theft protection is possible with security adapters and custom security screws (can only be mounted with custom Magnic Light tool).

Please choose between 3 front light-versions

  • Standard-Version: Lights up (without charge) at 3 km/h
  • Pure-Version: Like Standard but without stand light- therefore much cheaper
  • Race-Version : 1st time light up at 8 km/h but more powerful (30% more brightness) When fully charged the "Race" Front light also emits light at low speed and when stopping.
Weight per Light 60 g

Lights are made for Offroad - & race usage. The system is not compliant with German STVZO rules- therfore not for sale in Germany!

Adjustment Adjust the adapters so that the distance between light and rim is 2-3mm.

International Patent EP2593351