Magnic Microlight- Frontlight

27,73 € (27,73 € excl VAT) each /set
Brake system

Magnic Microlight- Single Frontlight - Preorder*

Magnic Microlights are the first brake shoes with integrated dynamo bicycle lights. Magnic Microlights work contactless on non-magnetic aluminium rims without any extra components on the wheels and need no batteries, cables or additional adapters.

Magnic Microlights were awarded the German Federal Ecodesign Award and the Eurocycling XP Innovation Awards 2017 (handed over by cycling legend Eddy Merckx).

*Preorder: Backers of the Kickstarter campaign "Magnic Microlights" receive their order along with the delivery of the Kickstarter reward.
Delivery of orders placed after 1.8.2020 starts 12.10.2020

All Microlights are equipped with "anti-theft"- screws & tools and separately exchangeable brake pads (compatible with all standard brake shoes).
Magnic Microlights have an effective Brake Light Function: When braking, the lamps light up clearly.

Select the Magnic Microlight version according to your brake system:  

  • Caliper brake (Roadbike)
  • Vbrake (Citybike/ MTB / ATB)
  • Cantilever (Citybike / MTB / ATB)

Select the colour for the front beam housing:  

  • transparent black
  • transparent yellow

Select between left & right side:  

  • (front) left 
  • (front) right
Weight per lamp 45 g (incl. brake shoe & brake pad)
Power 0,1 - 0,5 Watt (per generator-light)
Light output
  7 - 13 lux per light  at
15 - 35 km/h   
16 - 28 Lux per light pair(left+right) at
15 - 35 km/h   
Brake body Aluminium, black anodized
Brake pads Shimano compatible, separately changeable
Adjustment Light beam freely rotatable

International granted patent EP2593351


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