Light Comparison

In order to give a realistic impression of the light output of the Magnic Microlight/ Wega lighting, we show the comparison of the front lights with a STVZO-approved, switchable 25/40 LUX LED bicycle lamp from a German manufacturer in this video. In order to have a good comparison, we alternately show the lighting with battery lamp and with microlights (identical to the Wega version) in a sequence (with unchanged camera settings). The cyclist rides in place on a roller trainer at varying speeds and the battery light is next to it at the same height.
You can see:

  • first the 25 lux mode of the battery lamp
  • then microlights when driving off at approx. 5-15 km/h
  • Microlights when driving fast at 15-30 km/h
  • finally the 40 lux mode of the battery lamp
Wega & Microlights do not reach the brightness of the 40 lux lighting, but they can definitely keep up with the 25 lux lighting and surpass it at higher speeds.
Conclusion: With Wega & Microlights you can ride very well through the night in complete darkness (as we have tested ourselves on 10-hour 220 km night tours from/to Texel), without achieving the lighting comfort of very strong bicycle headlights. Our lamps, with their tiny size, minimal weight and unlimited running time, are not designed for this.

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