Light Distribution

STVZO-compliant light distribution with minimal use of energy

The light distribution of Magnic Microlights & Magic Light Wega (front headlights and rear lights) complies with the regulations of the German STVZO.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we commissioned the company OpticsForHire to develop a custom lens design with a minimal size that, under the given conditions (current generated by the Magnic Microlight generators), delivers a light image that conforms to STVZO.
In addition the model Cree XQE High Intensity with only 1.6x1, 6mm footprint was selected, which with over 130 lumens/watt currently belongs to the LED class with the highest efficiency on the market:
The XQ-E High Density LED enables lighting manufacturers to minimize the size of their LED lights compared to 3 .5mm LEDs with similar performance without sacrificing lumen output, efficiency or reliability. A combination of optical symmetry, consistent design in all configurations and the tiny footprint of 1.6mm x 1.6mm, the XQ-E simplifies manufacturing and design while providing excellent color mixing.

During the design phase lasting several months with extensive simulations and repeated prototype tests and adjustments, the goal for the front lights was finally achieved. Due to the STVZO regulations for rear lights that changed during the development period (limitation of the maximum light intensity to 12 lux), a separate new lens design was created for them.

Result of light design

As a result, we now have one of the smallest STVZO-approved headlight constructions in the Microlight and Wega headlights with a diameter of only 20mm. Combined with the smallest non-contact generators, there is no smaller and lighter STVZO-approved dynamo bike lighting system.

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Street illumination

with two headlights versus a single headlight. Due to the tire shading, the light cone is significantly narrower with a single headlight. 2 front lights are required for STVZO-compliant operation.
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Rear Lights

The rear lights are equipped with a capacitor that lasts for more than 5 minutes of parking light. They are also excellently recognizable from a very oblique (lateral) angle and also mean a great deal of additional safety in road traffic during the day.
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Microlight & Wega
Rear light lenses

For the rear lights, we have developed lenses with a scattering optics in order to achieve an even distribution of light in accordance with the German Road Traffic Regulations. According to the new set of rules, rear lights with excessively bright point radiation (>12 lux) are no longer permitted, so that a new design was required specifically for the rear lights. The rear lights are also excellently recognizable from a very oblique (lateral) viewing angle and also mean a great deal of additional safety on the road during the day.
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