Magnic Microlights & Wega are ideal for use on racing bikes with aluminum rims - whether with classic side-pull brakes or disc brakes.
Due to the small size and the minimal weight, the lamps are unnoticed but permanently in use. Surely you have already had the experience that many drivers underestimate the higher speeds, which again and again leads to dangerous situations. With Magnic Microlights/Wega, you'll stand out better on the road, even during the day, and you won't want to do without the added safety feature.
Even when touring through dark forest areas or tunnel passages, Magnic Microlights & Wega provide the necessary safety and are indispensable as soon as it gets dark.
In contrast to battery lamps, with Maginc Microlights & Wega you no longer have to worry whether the light is enough for the rest of the tour - the lamps run endlessly and cost you (almost) no effort: Magic Microlights & Wega lamps are already available from various race and the minimal loss of time is hardly measurable.
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