Eddy current

In the generator there is an alternating pole magnet wheel that is mounted close to the bicycle rim without touching it. The bicycle rim is usually made of aluminum and is therefore not magnetic but conductive. When the rim rotates, the magnetic fields of the magnet wheel generate a current flow inside the rim, the so-called eddy current. 


The Magnic Light technology can be efficiently implemented thanks to extremely strong neodymium magnets. The neodymium magnets used have an energy density of 52MGOe (magnetization N52).


Device for contactless power generation, in particular bicycle dynamo, on a rotatable counter-element, in particular a wheel rim, with at least one movably mounted rotor element (2) having at least one magnet (3) and at least one coil (7), in whose at least one winding a current can be induced by the magnet(3) moving with the rotor element (2).


Light distribution

The light distribution of Magnic Microlights & Magnic Light Wega (front headlights & rear lights) corresponds to the regulations of the German STVZO.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the company OpticsForHire was commissioned by us to develop a lens design of minimal size, which under the given conditions (current generated by the Magnic Microlight generators) delivers a light image that conforms to STVZO.

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